Solo Cup Scratch Fun

At a birthday party, I couldn’t help making my nameplate as well as my fiance’s look creative. Doing this made me want to go buy some scratch pads. Has anyone else had this problem with expressing yourself at every moment possible? Also, have you ever created art with scratch paper? If so, what brand is ... Read More

Beautifully Dangerous

While creating this piece all I could think about was all the movies I have seen where the flowers could be the most dangerous part of a new planet. So, within my science fiction mind, I decided to create something from an unknown planet within my thoughts. What you do you think about it? ... Read More

Beautiful Garden

Filling a full page of colorful flowers, testing out each petal was so much fun. I used the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners for this piece. Finishing the piece with the green swirls in the back brought everything to life. Everything about this tested my ability to create something out of nothing. My challenge to you is ... Read More

Dream Catcher

I have drawn a few feathers and a few dream catcher rings, but I haven’t ever drawn from start to finish a dream catcher. That is so weird to me. To show you what I am talking about, Here is the dream catching ring I was talking about. I have such an infatuation with dream ... Read More


The story behind this drawing is that just as every snowflake is different, I have to believe that every raindrop is too. Each raindrop plays an important role in the survival of our planet. Without water, we would all surely perish. Although I am not an extremist in any way, I do believe that if ... Read More

For The Horde!

This piece was so delightful. For those of you who don’t know, I am a long time player of World of Warcraft, a mmorpg made by Blizzard. I have been playing since, what we like to call, vanilla wow, which simply means, World of Warcraft before any expansions. Along with playing the game, I have also ... Read More

Neon Touch

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I literally just did it so that I could test out how the Staedtler neon triplus fineliners worked with the black ink. Surprisingly, I felt it held up nicely. The yellow had a little bleeding, but other than that, It worked out surprisingly well.   ... Read More

Doodle with Bubbles!

On this piece, I used the Art-n-Fly pens that I reviewed earlier. They worked out pretty nice. The smaller tips were perfect for the bubbles. When I first started this piece, I started with just a flower. However, I have just fallen in love with tentacles on flowers, It makes them seem like something out ... Read More

Tree of Life

I had a friend of mine decide she wanted a tree of life tattoo. Well, although this isn’t her tattoo, it did start out that way. However, I decided to make this one colorful! As everyone knows, I hate coloring my own art, but this one wasn’t that bad. The orange didn’t show up as ... Read More

My Inspiration

I have to start this blog by giving a shout out to all my fans and followers. The inspiration from you alone is enough to keep me going. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such encouraging people. Thank you. I wanted to take a moment and tell you a little bit about why I ... Read More

Lunchtime Challenge

So, today I just decided to doodle at lunch today. These  were done around 45 minutes. They are by far not my best doodles, but I feel like it’s important to show the viewers even the pieces that didn’t take any time to complete. Using doodling as a relaxation technique has raised my production in ... Read More

Detailed Doodle

This doodle was probably the first piece that I actually planned out ahead of time. My first step was creating a grid. Once I created all my borders, I added in Squares and Circles in the middle so that I wouldn’t bite off more than I could chew for my first full page full of ... Read More

Penguin Doodle

As I started drawing this, I noticed throughout that it took the shape of a penguin. I tried to disguise the little guy but he kept coming through.  Either way it was very fun to draw and even more fun to add all the little designs in there. The most interesting thing I kept thinking ... Read More

Floral Doodle

I watch this youtube channel called kcdoodleart, and it gives me so much inspiration.  Check it out if you would like to see the amazing work she does. She is the inspiration behind this piece. She always starts with a circle on the page and builds out from it. The simple fact that she can create ... Read More

Gift – Phoenix

I drew this mythical bird for a very close friend of mine that has been through a lot, but always seems to emerge from the pile a new person. I am so proud of him for not stopping until he found happiness. I am so blessed to call him my friend. I outlined this with ... Read More