Lunchtime Challenge

So, today I just decided to doodle at lunch today. These  were done around 45 minutes. They are by far not my best doodles, but I feel like it’s important to show the viewers even the pieces that didn’t take any time to complete. Using doodling as a relaxation technique has raised my production in Read More

Joey’s Weekly Challenge #135

I’m always amazed at what Joey comes up with for the challenges and I absolutely love doing anything with circles. In this challenge, found here, you can see that part of the challenge was also doing three tangle patterns. Disco, Drogon, and Msst. None of these have I attempted before, so the whole thing was challenging.  

Doodle 5

Joey’s Weekly Challenge #133

You can find the challenge here. The more that I look at this challenge piece the more I really enjoy it. The clean lines and unique zentangle fillers have me mesmerized. I would love to know if you have completed this challenge and what you like most about it in the comments below.

Doodle 7

Lunchtime Challenge

So I started this with the line between the circles, and then just did random designs building outward. I love how it is just so random. Sometimes we just need to do a little bit of randomness, especially when we have a short amount of time to complete it.


Joey’s Weekly Challenge #131

Check out Joey’s Daily Challenge #131 here. This started out as the zentangle “buttercup” in the top right corner. I love adding flowers to anything and adding the circle string was just too much fun and created the perfect background. What do you think? Have you completed any challenges?