Spinning Mandala

Mandala – Movement

Often times I find a friend that appreciates my mandalas to ask what they see. This time I was pleasantly surprised to find that several of them saw a spinning flower. This mandala started out as something completely different. I wasn’t even sure which direction I wanted to go. With every passing moment, I saw Read More


Detailed Mandala

This mandala was completed on a 12×12 sheet of paper. Sometimes I try to bite off a little more than I can chew sometimes. With the amount of grid lines that I drew, this piece became way more detailed than I had originally planned and took over 8 hours to complete. I do like the Read More


Triple Mandala

I don’t really have much to say about these except that I tried a few different techniques while drawing them. I don’t have the exact dates when I finished them because it was over the weekend. So I will share them all with you now. The wonderful about each of these designs is that they Read More


Sacred Mandala

This mandala was loosely based on Metatrons Cube from Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a very interesting topic as far as Mandalas go. There is way too much information for me to include in a single post, but that may be something I explore more in the future. This mandala, specifically, was designed after Metatrons Cube, which is Read More


Dealing With Loss

Those of you that have been following me may have noticed I have been MIA for a few days. The reason is because we lost my brothers wife tuesday night and we’ve been dealing with all of this. I was working on this piece during my last conversation with her and when my brother called Read More


Simple Mandala

One of the things that I have found that I really enjoy doing is mandalas. I love how they look more complicated than they were to draw. I love the design and I love how no two are alike. I hope you enjoy this simple mandala I did over lunchtime at work.


Splat Mandala

This was fun to do. I absolutely messed up horribly and had to adjust my original design each time. But I think in the end it worked out beautifully! This is done on 11×14 Sketch Paper and drawn with Staedtler triples fine liner and Marvy LePlumeII markers.


Flower Power

I wanted to post this project. It took me 8.5 hours to complete. It is on 11×14 sketchbook paper. The first and hardest thing to do is determine what shape your Mandala will take. I find it easier to do this part in pencil so that I can get my basic shape using my compass. Read More


Two Day Project

Two days. Yes. Two days it took for me to complete this project. I really enjoy mandalas and now that I know a proper way to do my grid lines, I can be very detailed and that makes my art take more time. I loved every minute of drawing this and there are many mistakes, Read More