Do You Zentangle?

Zentangle is an art form that teaches you how to use relaxing strokes to create beautiful works of art. Sometimes you’ll see me referencing Zentangle as it has really taught me a lot about different techniques. I store my Zentangle Patterns in a photo book I purchased for barely anything. It holds standard sized photos Read More


Lunchtime Challenge

Here is a quick little doodle I did on an artist tile. It’s based off the zentangle pattern “Fancy Nancy.” I decided to turn them into flowers instead of the border I saw them done as. Tell me what you think about this little garden tile.

Beautifully Dangerous

While creating this piece all I could think about was all the movies I have seen where the flowers could be the most dangerous part of a new planet. So, within my science fiction mind, I decided to create something from an unknown planet within my thoughts. What you do you think about it?



The story behind this drawing is that just as every snowflake is different, I have to believe that every raindrop is too. Each raindrop plays an important role in the survival of our planet. Without water, we would all surely perish. Although I am not an extremist in any way, I do believe that if Read More


Pumpkin Spice

Another Zentangle sampler here. Just some of the tangles that I have really enjoyed using. What a better way to collaborate all the different patterns, than to join them together on a symbol of fall and thankfulness. Let me know if you have seen any of these tangle patterns before and which are your favorite Read More

Doodle 5

Joey’s Weekly Challenge #133

You can find the challenge here. The more that I look at this challenge piece the more I really enjoy it. The clean lines and unique zentangle fillers have me mesmerized. I would love to know if you have completed this challenge and what you like most about it in the comments below.