Showcase Sunday #6

For this week’s Showcase Sunday, I would like to introduce you to Emma from Puddleside Musings. Her blog is very amazing, especially if you enjoy making cards. She has a ton of free printables and her planners are just exquisite. You have to take a look at her blog and all the work she has put into putting all these creative outlets in one place. There is one section particularly that I relate to most and that is her snail mail. She posts about all the beautiful things she receives in the mail. I love that she is able to share such amazing things from all over the world. I was able to interview her below: before you run over to her blog, get to know her a little bit more below:

What made you get into blogging?

Peer pressure? I started my first blog when I was around 16 and at the time having a blog was just the thing to do. Not the greatest reason I know but I’ve found better reasons since then to blog! I started with just writing about things in my life but that didn’t interest me very much. At some point I just started using my blog for posting pictures of my art and that’s really what kept me blogging. That was with my old blog but the same thing happened with my current blog, Puddleside Musings – it started as things about my life and morphed into a blog about crafts, planners and snail mail – so I guess what gets me into blogging usually isn’t what keeps me at it.

Have you ever had any formal training or education in your blog subject?

None at all! The only training I’ve had is tangentially related. I did do art for my Leaving Cert. but that was all about drawing people and objects so not craft related at all, and I have a degree in English literature but I can’t say that’s influenced my snail mail at all other than to encourage me to be very wordy.

What was your greatest failure and how did you learn from it?

Dropping out of my Master’s degree. I started a part time online master’s degree in World Heritage Conservation but I dropped out after only two months. I do kind of see it as a failure on my part because I’ve typically always been really good at academic stuff but with the master’s degree, even though I really liked the subject, I just felt constantly overwhelmed and anxious to the point where it was affecting my health. I have learned from that experience though and since then I’ve been trying to pay more attention to my feelings so that I don’t push myself too far just because I think people expect it of me.

Who has influenced you the most with your blog?

You know, I don’t think I can name any one or two people in particular for having influenced me and my blog the most. I don’t know, I think I try to more inspired than influenced by people and I’m inspired by a lot of people!

How much time do you spend blogging in any given week?

Writing up posts takes me a few hours because I post three times a week on Puddleside Musings and twice a week on my art blog, Idle Spot. I’d say it could take me up to four hours to write my blog posts for the week because I’m slow at writing things and also I have to edit photos for them too. If you think about it though, blogging takes a lot longer than that because in order to have something to blog about, I have to make things which is increases that time drastically!

Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

It’s just a hobby for me, though I would love if I could make it my profession.

What is your passion?

I guess my passion is for making and creating things – good thing that’s what my blog is about!

What is your ultimate goal in life?

I really wish I had a goal in life but at the moment I don’t really have one. I’m still figuring things out so maybe I should just say my goal is to be happy. That and live in a hobbit hole…which would make me happy indeed.

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

A hoard of bulging notebooks filled with drawings and crafts.

Don’t just take my word for it, please visit her blog and let her know that you saw her here on “Sunday Showcase.”

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