Typically I do loopy bows which you can see all over my websites and social media. However, I just decided that I wanted to try a new type of bow to me. I have a lot of ribbons that were gifted to me or that I bought in bulk that I had no clue what to do with it.

What you will need:

  1. 2″ Ribbon of your choice. (You will need 16″ for each bow)
  2. 0.5″ complimentary ribbon. ( You need approx 4″ for each bow)
  3. Alligator clip
  4. Hot Glue Gun

You will start out by cutting your 16″ ribbon in half. I then fold each half in half to make a crease I can see. Then I fold the two ends to the center crease and hot glue them. Then I fold the ribbon in half long ways to find the center and form another crease. After folding the ribbon like an accordion, I hot glue each of the folds together. (you can also you a small rubber band as well) Once you have both halves of the ribbon folded in this fashion, You hot glue them together by the center point. Take your complimentary ribbon and wrap it around the center of your ribbon and also around the clip you have chosen to use.

You can get fancy and use as many ribbons as you would like to layer, but you truly only need what I mentioned. And Enjoy!