Dayton Color Roller Pen Review


I received several pens that you will see updates on over the next few days. I purchased this pens from for $3. It was very easy for me to choose to purchase these pens because they were very inexpensive. For $0.50 each, I couldn’t turn it away.  I am always on the search for pens and these just spoke to me.

The first thing I noticed about these pens is very cheap packaging. What you see here on the front is all the information they give you. This package came with 6 pens of various colors in 0.5mm tips.

The next thing that I noticed, was that these pens were filled with a lot of fluid. My first thought was, these pens are going to bleed all over the place.  So, I took a deep breath and put my pen to the paper.

Wait, what? No bleeding? The ink was actually distributing in the perfect amount. This immediately made me happy.  The ink was smooth, very smooth. Not only did the ink NOT bleed, but it didn’t smear either. It dried rather quickly and when I rubbed my finger across it, as artists sometimes do, it did not move. I was very surprised.

The colors were very vibrant as well. Even the yellow, which I decided to write with several times was just beautiful! Look at this picture to the left. The pens wrote right away, no pre-scribbling required, which I really adored. There is no greater frustration than a pen that doesn’t write when you press it against paper.

The ink didn’t skip at all either. The writing experience was just really pleasant. They were nice to hold in my hand as they didn’t have a weird shape or anything.  But the true test was how would they hold up when drawing with them. Especially since that is the main reason I have for them.

Tell me, What do you think? I like these pens.