Lunchtime Challenge

Every once in awhile, I find myself severely impressed with what comes out on paper. This is one of those times. I started out with just a few lines and dots. It’s a trick I use when I just don’t know what to draw. If you have seen my office, you would know that I actually have blank walls! For a creative person like me, It hurts sometimes to look at them. I also have no windows and  a very bright harsh overhead light, which I recently requested that two of the bulbs be removed from it to lessen to brightness.

I had this sitting on my desk and every minute or so I would add another line to it. What am I drawing? I kept asking myself, as a line would end up much weirder than I had originally planned. I tried to let myself go and just let it end up where it was going to end up. Boy was I glad to see that the response from my friends and family I use as sounding boards, were overjoyed with the results. It always shocks me when something I have no clue how it even happened ends up being a favorite.

I sat it on my desk for the past 4 hours. Scoffing at it and rolling my eyes at the absurdity, but then, something happened! It started to grow on me, the more I looked at it, the more I saw things that I never meant to be there. A submarine, a lawnmower and even something you’d find under a microscope, and yet, it was nothing.

What do you think about this piece, where I started to where I ended up? Let me know in the comments below.