Lunchtime Challenge

Its time for my Lunchtime Challenge for today. I have been slacking a little because I have been really busy working on my site instead of doodling, however, I am here today with a new doodle.  When you look into the art of zentangle, you will find that most of the zentangle patterns are drawn on an artist tile. These artist tiles are amazing for my lunchtime challenge because there isn’t a lot of surface to cover. To begin this doodle, I drew a border around the tile with a pencil. I didn’t want the doodle to extend beyond that border but I didn’t want a set border either.

After I drew this border as a reference, I decided to draw what is considered a “string” in the zentangle world. This string started from the center and spiraled out.

Now I needed to think about what I wanted the final product to look like. I had seen many different possibilities with a spiral string, but I knew I wanted to draw a continuous pattern as opposed to using multiple patterns on one tile. So I separated out the string, building out from the center.

Already, this produced the look I was going for, but I wanted this tile to be more complex. Although the possibilities are endless with this layout, I decided to start making petals. I started from each grid line as the tallest point of that grid. Working in steps, I gradually made each petal shorter than the previous one. Working in a circle was difficult because even if I hadn’t been trying to make them shorter, each one would have looked shorter anyways.

To fill in the tallest petals to make them not stick out like a sore thumb, I drew some fescu to fill in the blank areas. Now that I was at this point, I needed to start with the details. Each grid line beginning had to be a little different to make it stand out from the rest. So I added circles on each of the tallest petals. To add depth, I drew lines coming out from the center of each petal. This created the layered effect, which I have to say turned out just beautifully.

I would love to know what you think about this challenge doodle. I would also love to see what you can do in your lunch break time limit, mine just happens to be 45 minutes. Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Challenge

  1. Shri says:

    First of all, Congratulations on your new site! The bright and beautiful color combination, the layout, the banner – everything is so beautiful! ❤
    Loved this doodle, its amazing how you started off with basics of Zentangle and transformed it into such a lovely floral doodle. And I love how symmetric it turned out to be.

    • Charity Woods says:

      I have been blessed to have a small support team pushing me towards my dreams. Thank you for noticing all the hard work I have put into my site already, who knew it was this much work.
      As far as the doodle is concerned, I absolutely adore how it came out. Thank you for always being one of my supporters.