Mandala Scratch Fun!

Have you seen these scratch pads? How fun it was to create some awesome art with my daughter. She especially loved the stencils she could use for her pieces. It was nice just sitting there, talking and creating something truly special between us. The art pieces were just a bonus! *wink*

Of course, the first thing I always attempt are mandala. It is where I am most comfortable and where I can always create something different. This one is completely hand drawn, I was afraid to use any grid lines like I usually do because I didn’t want to make any scratches I didn’t need. Because the paper was longer and it was wide, I decided to add some elements to each corner so that it was more complete.

I would love to know your comments and suggestions for scratch art in the future. This is something I had a lot of fun with and was allowed to let my perfectionism go for a bit.


7 thoughts on “Mandala Scratch Fun!

  1. Suze says:

    I adore mandalas! And I remember doing scratch art when I was a child. We’d color a piece of cardboard with colorful crayons, then cover the whole drawing with black or brown crayon then scratch with a nail head. Did you make your own scratch pads or can they be purchased somewhere?