Metallic Marker Review

Again, I visited Five Below. I was so impressed with the fine tip markers from there, that I decided to look for more. These metallic markers were $5 for 10 markers. I decided to take these for a spin and see what I could discover.

Whew! Look at these colors sparkle. There were two gold and two silver in the package and that’s why there are only 8 colors mentioned. I also took into consideration the tip size for this marker is pretty small.

There were a few cons, but hear me out. First off, they do smear if you touch it immediately, however, if you wait 3-5 seconds, it doesn’t. You can see this by the gold represented above.  Another con is the fact that the caps didn’t fit on the end of the pen. So, while drawing, I  held the cap in one hand while I drew with the other. This is, unfortunately, not the way I want to draw.

So, this is my finished product. One of the pros of these markers was the fact that these markers layered. You can draw one color on top of the other and it doesn’t mix, it just colors over the other like it never existed. Although i wish the colors were more vivid, they cover well.

What I tried to capture in the second picture, is how the light reflects off the colors. Another of the pros of this marker is just how nice they shimmer. Its a beautiful attention getter and would look fantastic as embellishments.

Something to mention is that on the box it reads, gor best results, store markers horizontally. So, unique pen storage solutions may be necessary. I think for now, I will just store them in their original packaging.

As always, if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or concerns, please leave them in the comments below.