New Supplies Review

I am excited to show you some new tools that I have purchased to make my drawings better. Drawing things by hand is amazing and I love that the images I create are not digitized. However, creating Mandalas are way easier if you have a template helper.

First off, the ruler at the top. It has many circles on the inside as well as small holes to make circles. I find this very difficult to make circles with because the center doesn’t stay put. So I usually use this as just a ruler or a template for the smaller circles to the left in the picture above. I am pretty sure I must be using this wrong, but if you use a spiral sketchbook, like the one pictured, You will find that the ends catch on those spirals and move your center point. So this ruler is probably better for an individual sheet rather than a notebook. This ruler was a gift so I’m unsure of the price.

Secondly, You’ll find the two green templates. One for circles and one for squares. I have yet to use these, but I see them in a lot of videos I watch on YouTube so I know they are great tools for me to utilize in the future. They were $6 USD for the circle template and $8 USD for the square one at Hobby Lobby. The material they are made out of is pretty sturdy and I think it is well worth the money, especially because it offers such a wide arrangement of options.

Last, but definitely not least, my 360 protractor. This one I found for $5 USD at Hobby Lobby.  If you are creating Mandalas, I would highly recommend this, specific 360 protractor. Let me tell you why. The white outer rim stays put, while the center clear area spins. It works like a charm. It also offers some circle templates on the inside. I’ve used this on my latest creating and immediately fell in love with it. The numbers on the outer rim are easily read so that I can make sure all my angles are correct.  This is a staple in my drawings and I will always run to find one like this.

I love new tools to make my art even better and I love to share my experiences with you. If you know of any tools you’d like me to review, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try my best to research it.