Sharpie Art Pen Review

I had the opportunity to pick the art pens up at WalMart yesterday for $20 and just had to do a review for it. This make each pen around $1.67 ea.

First off, I have always just stayed away from Sharpie because it doesnt have archival ink and it bleeds and I could go on and on. Sharpie brand itself is great if you doodle on shoes or canvas or anything really. Its a great tool for use on almost any media. However, for archival art, its not where I would turn.

So let’s start out with the case. The case alone reminds me a lot of the way staedtler cases have been designed from the start. It is one of the things that I have always loved about the Staedtler brand.

Lets move on to the colors. In this particular set of 12, I felt as though the colors were very similar. However, the colors were very vibrant, to include yellow, which is always the color I judge the most. However, as you can tell below, the yellow shoes up just as vibrant as all the others.

And now, I decided to test, how the colors bleed and blend when used with each other. I tested light colors on dark colors as well as dark colors on light colors. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the colors. The integrity of each color never swayed.

In conclusion, these pens are a very good pen for the Sharpie name. They open the door for other possibilities. However, the price is worst than the other pens of this quality. The reason, simply is because the other pens are known for having archival ink, as well as coming in a variety of nibs.

Tell me what you think about these pens if you have had the chance to use these.