Showcase Sunday #16 – Gaby Garcia

In this week’s Showcase Sunday, I would like to introduce you to Gaby Garcia and her blog Iamcraftygirl. I was so blessed to come across her blog when I was going through one of my go-to websites for zentangle challenges. As soon as I saw her blog, I just knew I wanted her to be a part of this series. One of the amazing things about her is that she is very thorough and organized. But she isn’t just good at zentangle patterns, she will astound you with her other crafty skills. I know I can learn so much from her and plan to be back for sure. Be sure to check out her patterns for yourself to understand the true beauty behind her relaxation techniques. But before you jump over there, learn a little more about her from the interview below.

What made you get into blogging?

I guess there were two reasons. First, I wanted to keep track of all my work with some kind of Art Journal instead of drawings spread all over drawers and shelves in my house. Secondly and most important, I wanted to share my work with the world, I felt that creating something just for myself didn’t really hold much meaning, but by releasing it to the world might inspire someone on their own work, or touch them in some way; that is what gives it a meaning.

Have you ever had any formal training or education in your blog subject?

Not really, most of what I do I have learn from watching YouTube videos and tutorials, reading all sort of blogs in the subjects I like, and simply by looking at other artists work in Pinterest.

What was your greatest failure and how did you learn from it?

My biggest regret would be that years ago I went to study Graphic Design, but after a few weeks into it I realized that most of the other students were already far more advanced than me, which made me doubt myself and quite honestly scared me, so I dropped out and went to study and graduated as a Psychologist. However Art kept coming back to me, until I understood that Art makes me happy and will always be a big part of me.  So I have learn to follow my heart and not compare it or myself to other Artists; I recognized that we are all simply at different levels of learning.

In other words I learn (and still working on it) to not let fear get in the way and stop me from doing what I love.  I keep reminding myself that all the masters started from the very basics just like you and me, they simply have had more time practicing and working on their craft.

Who has influenced you the most with your blog?

Adele Bruno with her blog and challenge “It’s a String Thing” (, Lily Moon with her amazing Art in her blog “Lily’s Tangles” (, and my husband with all his support and encouragement.

How much time do you spend blogging in any given week?

I spend about an hour or two writing my Blog, plus around an hour or two creating each drawing, so it really depends on how many drawings I was able to do in that week. Most weeks I do a post with about two drawings.

Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

At the moment it is just a hobby; my family needs and work always come first.

What is your passion?

Besides my Family, Yoga and everything Art related.

What relaxation techniques do you use?

Drawing Zentangles always relaxes me, especially when I am repeating and repeating some of the easy tangles where I don’t really have to think anymore, like “Tipple”, Flux”, and “Printemps”. Coloring is another activity that helps me unwind since I was a little girl; and last but not least, I make an effort to  practice Yoga at least four days a week.

You mention your family a lot, Do you introduce them to the readers as well?

Not really. I am kind of a reserved person, so I try to keep my personal life private.

Have you ever designed or wanted to design a tangle?

Yes, I have a couple tangles I have designed. I have only published one so far  in my blog, it is called “Deco Scrolls”  you can find the post here (  I haven’t  had the time to add the other ones yet… but it is definitely in my to do list.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

To enjoy life at the fullest, to be a great Mom and Wife; to become more spiritual and compassionate, to see every day the beauty around me even in the most simple things; to be healthy and happy and to be able to touch other lives thru my work.

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

I would love to be able to touch others thru my Art, to bring them a moment of joy, peace or love with it. If it inspire them even if for a moment it would be amazing.

Is there anything you would like the readers to know about your blog we haven’t covered?

I would like to say that I am not an expert in the subject, in fact I think of myself as beginner; but I make an effort explaining which supplies I used and techniques so it can help anyone who is just starting.

Don’t just take my word for it, please visit her blog and let her know that you saw her here on “Sunday Showcase.”

As always, If you would like your blog to be featured on here, please do not hesitate to email me at and I would love to feature you next sunday.

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