Joey’s Weekly Challenge #135

I’m always amazed at what Joey comes up with for the challenges and I absolutely love doing anything with circles. In this challenge, found here, you can see that part of the challenge was also doing three tangle patterns. Disco, Drogon, and Msst. None of these have I attempted before, so the whole thing was challenging.


Joey’s Weekly Challenge #128

Ever since I started doing these spider webs, I can’t get enough of them. Maybe it is the time of the year with all the spooky decor, but I love drawing them and adding them to different pieces. This challenge was a lot of fun and of course, I got to add my webs.

The funny thing about this is being arachnophobic that I am and yet love the artistry of webs. Even my 7-year-old points that out. *teehee*

Anyways, You can find the challenge here.

Joey’s Weekly Challenge #124

This one was fun and very out of my comfort zone. I learned a new tangle called Gra-vee. All the while I had to use a circle string with a loop in the center. I decided to add color to this piece because I felt like it gave it more dimension.

If you want to check out the challenge presented, you can find it here