Mickey/Minnie Birthday Party

Ok. Here are some of the crafts that I decided to do for my kids birthday. Madison and miles are a year apart. So they will almost always have a combined party. I do not feel bad for them because my sister and I are a year apart and we always had our parties together. Now we live in different states and I only wish I could celebrate with her yearly. Let me apologize as this is a media heavy post.

Ok. In the picture above, I made the names banner using ribbon, cardstock, alphabet stickers and a double line punch. The double line punch was to make slits in the cardstock so I could run the ribbon through. Honestly, I did this the morning of the party. I like the way it turned out and because it is multi colored, I am able to change out the ribbon with the birthday theme. Yay!


For my front door, I made these adorable outlines using my circle cutter. I printed the words out on construction paper, then cut the circles out. I printed Minnie’s bow out on construction paper as well and just cut it out with scissors. Although I worked hard on this and everyone complimented me, I had a few tips to make them better. First off, I would suggest that you use cardstock instead of construction paper, as it will hold up better and the colors are brighter. Secondly, dress up the lettering with some outlines or doodles.

Oh yes, the cupcakes. I decided a long time ago that cupcakes are a better option than cake at a party, and it’s easy to send guests home with the extras. For these cupcakes, I bought red and white, and pink and white polka dot cupcake liners. I baked over 25 chocolate cupcakes and 25 strawberry cupcakes. The decorations were pretty easy. I used chocolate icing in the can to make things quick and easy. I then bought candy bows from the bakery section at Wal-mart. The ears are just mini Oreos, which proved more difficult to find. I finally found them at Target. Putting these together put a huge smile on my face. I loved every minute of it.

As you can tell, the cupcakes were a huge success and worked well for miles first-year smash cake. I got many chocolate kisses during this time as we all huddled around him watching his delight as he was allowed to get messy.

Onto the photo booth. My amazing boyfriend made this photo booth frame so that I could decorate it. I used a red plastic table cloth, cardstock, black foam board, alphabet stickers, and black poster board. I think it turned out great and we had a lot of fun using the mickey mouse club photo props I purchase online. For Mickey’s hands, I printed out the design on regular paper and backed it with poster board so that it would hold up.

Here is just a close up of the sliding glass door leading to the back yard where the photo booth was set up. I just used window paint for this. My 7 yr old helped out too. It was a bonding experience for us both!

I also used styrofoam balls from the craft store with wooden dowels to support them in the traditional Mickey mouse shape and filled them with dum dum suckers.  This took well over 1000 suckers just in case anyone out there wants to attempt this. But I like the way it turned out.

All in all, it was a fun party with family and friends.  What was your favorite part of the party? Let me know in the comments below!