Makeup Organizer for Renters

Have you ever gotten to the point in your life where you are just ready to settle down and create a home where your kids can actually grow up in the same home? Well that is where I am. I want my kids to be able to create life-long friends that move to different schools with them. I want them to remember the first time we bought a home and how we made it our own. This dream is very important for me.

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My kids are my life, and I want to give them their own space and not have to worry about landlords not letting us paint or put holes in the wall or whatever the case may be. I want to be able to rip up carpet or change things. I love that I am a diy’er, but I love even more that my fiance’ is extremely handy. He can do electrical, plumbing and carpentry. He amazes me all the time.

Speaking of which, the picture is something that he created for all my makeup supplies for our bathroom. I told him what I needed and he supplied it. How amazing is that! He knew that I was struggling with a makeup bag and my brushes kept falling on the floor. So I asked him for an open top shelf so that I could put all my brushes in there and keep them sorted. He placed some Plexiglas on the front so that I could put decorative beads depending on the colors of the bathroom decor. He’s so smart!

Everything that we have done for our house we rent is removable. I can’t wait until I actually get to choose whats the best way to store things myself. I know that our true DIY skills will come out finally!

Let me know what you think about this Makeup Storage Unit. How do you store your makeup and beauty supplies? Let me know in the comments below!

My Workspace

I have finally had a moment to go downstairs into my office to work on some things. As you can tell, I have a rather large desk and many things that help me be more successful at everything that I do. This desk is amazing because I got it for $50.00 from a swap shop.

Below you will see some pretty cool containers. They are formula containers that I wrapped with Scrapbook paper. The center one on the bottom I actually drew on with some permanent markers.

Having a space to call my own and to be able to actually hang out down here is so important to me. I’ve been working on the arm of my couch for too long and I need to focus on my space. The only thing that is missing from my space is a nice comfy chair. Right now, I am using a metal folding chair, which leaves little to be desired on my back when I’m done with some projects.