Third-Degree #5

How do you come up with your drawings?

I know it sounds crazy to think that I just wing it, but I rarely map out any piece I do. I just put pen to paper and sometimes something really cool comes out, and sometimes I am just not feeling it. When that happens I find myself putting the drawing away until a day when I am looking to finish something I started previously.

Most of the time when I do finish a project that I previously hated, it ends up being on of my favorite pieces. My advice to you is if you ever come across a point in your art where you just aren’t “feeling it” Don’t be afraid to put it to the side until a later day. Sometimes I returned a few hours later and I have some pieces that have been sitting aside for several months that I haven’t returned to yet. But do not throw away anything away, you never know when you will see exactly what you wanted at the start.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have in the next Third-Degree Thursday post! Please remember that you can ask me anything, if I don’t know the answer right off, I love researching.