Two Day Project

Two days. Yes. Two days it took for me to complete this project. I really enjoy mandalas and now that I know a proper way to do my grid lines, I can be very detailed and that makes my art take more time. I loved every minute of drawing this and there are many mistakes, but the one thing I learned about this process is if you make a mistake, just repeat it all the way around and then it will look like you meant to do it.

As I was doing this one, I was reminded of how the monks have come to Union Station here in Kansas city to create their sand mandalas. They spend all day for many days creating amazing and colorful masterpieces. There was a story of some kids that ran through the sand, mixing it all up and messing up the mandalas. Without acting in anger, the monks simply cleaned up and began again.

I have to remind myself of this when I draw. Often times I wait until my kids are in bed, but this means that I am staying up later to get it all done. I never want to stop when I get on a roll. If I ever decide to start drawing while they are still awake, I find myself not being able to focus and then the creativity starts to disappear.  I get upset, but then, I remember about the monks and realize that my kids are just that, kids.

I love my kids and my seven-year-old, Olivia, is very interested in art and often draws with me. I love that part. She opens up and talks about a lot of things and it brings us closer. So, all in all, patience may not be one of my virtues, but I try my best to be better every day. I also don’t ever want to miss an opportunity to teach my children something that will stick with them forever.