Write Dudes Pen Reviews

This one is going to be short, but not so sweet. I am only introducing you to the first set because I was very disappointed in this pen. It is the Write Dudes Ultra Fine pen that I purchased from Hollar.com for $3, which makes each of these pens about $0.60 each. First off, the red pen was busted right off the bat in the packaging. When I tried to clean it up, it got everywhere. Honestly, it took almost 3 days to get the red off my hands.

Beyond the fact that the pen was broken, because I understand that it does happen, They wouldn’t even write. I had to scribble several times to get the ones to write that I did, and even once they started writing they were not smooth at all. I was pretty upset at the quality of these pens. I will not be purchasing these again.

These next pens are the same brand, Write Dudes. These are ballpoint pens. Don’t let the colors confuse you, it’s all black ink. As far as ballpoint pens go, these are as comparable as any other. I used them all last week at work and notice two distinct things. The first being that you must scribble the pen for each use. The second being that once the pen is writing, it skips.

This is another pen that I won’t buy again. The brand itself has 2 strikes against it with these two pen types.

Please let me know if you find a pen of this brand that actually works.