Yoobi Gel Pen Review

I do not have a lot of experience with gel pens as I find that they tend to smear and skip often. While walking around Target today, I came across these Yoobi Gel Pens for about $15 for a 24pk. This puts each pen around $0.63 each. As far as gel pens go, these came with several options, color, glitter and metallic.

I tried each pen out. I took off the cap and just started writing. As you can tell on a few of them, they all started writing well before I finished the Y on Yoobi. I really enjoyed writing with them but I would say that my most favorite were the metallic ones. Not only did they write the smoothest but the color was very vibrant. However, Metallic ones were the ones that smeared the most. Even after the others were dry, they seemed to be still wet in certain areas.

I would like to say that the one thing that caught my eye was the meaning behind the brand. Every year teachers, who don’t get paid a lot as it is, use their money for supplies for their classroom. Yoobi gives supplies to schools so that the teachers don’t have to use as much of their money to supplement the needs of their students. I believe this is a wonderful cause and definitely worth noting. You can see the video on the target link above.

Final Thoughts:

I think that these are vibrant and the thick tip allows for you to cover more area. I will definitely be using these. There is minimal bleed through and I can’t wait to try it out on a coloring book. This review was done on everyday printer paper. I would recommend this gel pen to adult coloring enthusiasts.