Mandala Collection II, Mandala 3

Hi there! Coming at ya again with the third mandala in my Collection II. If you want to see the previous two mandala, you can visit the links below!

Mandala 1, Collection II

Mandala 2, Collection II

Now onto the third. This mandala was where I introduced some metallic paint and gel pens into my art. I hadn’t used these before and wasn’t sure of how they were all turn out. I never could get a picture that truly captured the beauty of this but you’ll see what I came up with at the end.

In this picture, YOu can really see both of the new mediums well. I used blue, gold and white to create this look. I ended up stopping here for almost 2 days. I had no feelings on how to finish it, and I work completely on feelings. Sometimes I know that I need to take a break, step back, and rethink what I want to achieve.

This is the same progress shot, just at a different angle so you can appreciate the metallics a little better! I truly did love this mandala and where it was headed. I looked at the progress photos over the following days to truly capture the essence of the mandala’s finale’.

I’m putting this shot in there to show you that the lighting downstairs in my basement made this look completely green. I was amazed at how discolored it was, but this was a first look at my finished project. Now onto the picture that I took in daylight, which shows the true colors and even gives you glimpses of the different mediums use.  I bring this up to show you that lighting can make a huge difference when you present your final photography of your art. I have found that natural daylight is, hands down, the best lighting. Make sure you experiment with different types to achieve the look you are going for.

There it is! The final picture. It still doesn’t do the original justice, but overall, I really like the way it photographed in the daylight. What kind of lighting do you use with your art and have you found anything that makes your photographic art most true to the original? Let me know in the comments below!