2017 Year in Review

Happy New Year! I want to create a special post that sorta sums up my year for 2017. You know that although I had been blogging since 2016, I only got my own website in 2017. Boy have I been blessed with this outlet to share my creativity and inspire others to do something creative ... Read More

Showcase Sunday #18 – Herminia Chow

For this week’s Showcase Sunday, I would like to introduce Herminia Chow and her blog, aspiringwriter22. She offers her supreme services to assist other writers edit or write content for their blog. She also completes thorough book reviews that are pretty impressive. Her passion for writers is astounding. She offers a lot of free advice ... Read More

Showcase Sunday #17 – Joshua Schueler

For this week’s Showcase Sunday, I would like to introduce Joshua Schueler from Rollingblogger. There are several unique items to cover regarding his blog, but I will choose just a few. First of all, his blog title names are very witty. When I see each post pop up, it pulls me in to read just ... Read More

Showcase Sunday #16 – Gaby Garcia

In this week’s Showcase Sunday, I would like to introduce you to Gaby Garcia and her blog Iamcraftygirl. I was so blessed to come across her blog when I was going through one of my go-to websites for zentangle challenges. As soon as I saw her blog, I just knew I wanted her to be ... Read More

Bullet Journal

Well, creating a bullet journal is a fairly new concept. I decided to jump on the bandwagon because the perfectionist in me loves the idea. so I hope to add each month’s pages before I add my personal data to them so that you can see what I am up to artistically. Most bullet journals ... Read More